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Derma Research Group

Get to know our team of dedicated and passionate dermatology experts.

Derma Research Group

Get to know our team of dedicated and passionate dermatology experts.

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Our Background

DRG is a team of dermatologists and researchers bringing novel products to the market. Our front-line dermatologists have an in-depth understanding of their patients’ needs and wants.  We have the tools and technology required to achieve those desired results.

Through innovative techniques, DRG focuses on improving skin by reducing the appearance of common skin conditions such as: acne, rosacea, scars, wrinkles, and fine lines. Our aim is not only to make the skin look better, but to rejuvenate each individual skin cell, making each cell healthier.

The Importance of Healthy Skin


DRG understands the critical role that skin plays in your day-to-day lives. As a key organ of the human body, it is a crucial component of the immune system. It is also one of the first physical features a person sees; your “artistic canvas”.  Beautiful, vibrant skin can have a great positive psychological impact.  In fact, it is often perceived by society as an essential aspect of beauty – representing youth, socioeconomic status, and overall health.

Every day new products are introduced claiming to help achieve one or more of these aspects.  Here at DRG, we won’t make claims that we can’t back up with proven science and bonafide results.  Our products really work.  Derma Research Group knows your daily struggle.  Let us make a difference in your life.

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DRG does not provide a professional opinion with regards to the appropriateness of any given skin care product. The doctors here do not advise you on your personal health or any other matters.  This website is meant to serve as means of connecting product developers and interested customers with qualified dermatologists and product researchers.