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The treatment of acne requires a multifaceted approach.

Exacne is the first over the counter acne cream product that has shown results previously seen in prescription medication.  Exacne’s dramatic effects are a direct result of years of research focusing on the cause of the most common types of acne.  Through the identification of the various acne causing agents, the team at Derma Research Group identified the key element of the affected skin.  The key element, was persistent throughout regardless of the type of acne.  Once removed, the skin became resilient and was able to return to its natural state, free of irritation, inflammation, and acne free.

Dramatic results can be seen within a week.  It is powerful, yet easy on the skin.

Exacne comes in two strengths: Regular; and Extra Strength.  Extra Strength is recommended on newly formed acne or on tough oily skin.

Reduce the size and amount of acne currently afflicting the skin.

Reduce the chances of the reoccurrence of acne.