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McMaster University,  B.Sc. Hns. Biology

McMaster University, Ph.D Medical Genetics and Microbiology

University of Western Ontario, J.D. Intellectual Property Law and Business

Dr. Rade Sajic



Rade Sajic is the chief financial and business operating officer of DRG. He also lends his experience in the biomedical practice to assist in product research and development. He is primarily in charge of the business of DRG, but also savors the moments where he is required to get back into the laboratory and experiment.

Rade is a well-established corporate and intellectual property lawyer. He has practiced in the legal world for a number of years, in which he has helped numerous pharmaceutical companies. His primary focus is to help form and develop marketable products. Rade has helped pharmaceutical companies with a wide range of corporate and legal issues. He has assisted in the creation of new corporations, the development of shareholders agreements, the creation and monetization of pharmaceutical products, and the subsequent protection of intellectual property rights. In his role, Rade acts as a liaison to diverse and highly specialized groups to help develop pharmaceutical products. Rade excels in bringing diverse groups from wide ranging fields together to agree on a common goal, a goal that is accomplished not only in a timely manner but also under budget. 

Complementing his legal and business acumen, is his in depth understanding of pharmaceutical research. Rade has over 5 years of experience working in a top tier laboratory where he was able to hone his skills as an innovative and forward-thinking researcher. He has worked in level 3 biosafety laboratories working with the latest in genetic engineering technologies. Rade also has built a novel understanding of impact research. Impact research is the focus is on attaining a product for consumer use and not research that primarily focuses on observational science. His specialty is getting a product out on the market.